My Swiss Trip

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My Switzerland trip is still fresh in my mind, I can’t think of anything bad about this trip. Although everything are pricey here, it’s still worth every penny spend in this lovely country. I stayed in a small town Bulle, a very cooling place covered by mountains. This also the house of my institution second campus, took a nice picture with my lead faculty. The hotel that I stayed is right opposite the train station, it connects me easily to most of the town. Everything here from the street to infrastructure were so organize and clean, I guess that is the main reason why Switzerland is well known worldwide for its quality and precision.


The online platform that I went through for my online journey was immaculate. Never at one time the technical platform disappoint me, well this is what I called Swiss Made. On Day 3, I took a train to Luzerne one of the nicest town in Switzerland, also a must visit destination while you’re here. I bought a Regional Eurail pass which is good for Swiss and France railway. It really come in handy here as it give you all the value in return for your money especially in Switzerland. Forget about France first, I have so much to talk about it in my next post.

With Eurail pass, you get free ride for all the Swiss national railway and bus. Some boat ride are free too, otherwise you’re entitled for some discount in most of the private rides such as cable car, boat, mountain ride and etc. Alternately, you may consider buying a Swiss pass if Switzerland is your only destination. For the pass benefit and schedule, simply download the Eurail pass apps, extremely useful as it works offline. As I come here free and easy, I can only rely on myself for all the logistic arrangement and I’m glad that it all works well for me.

Here are some of the best snap shots of Luzerne, hope you like it.

Nice old town with good varieties for shopping. Your Switzerland will never complete without coming to this area. Not only that it offer rich history, it also offer local craft, outdoor shopping and good choices of restaurant.

Luzerne Luzerne 2

Well preserved bridge with good history. The first thing when you arrived Luzern is to go to the Chapel bridge. It’s a common reaction as it’s one of the most pictures attractions in Luzern, Switzerland. I have to agree with some reviewers here that it’s just another bridge when you stepped inside the bridge. However, people who enjoy photography and history will enjoy it to the fullest. Personally, I think it’s a must visit destination in Switzerland.

Chapel bridge Chapel bridge 2

Nice lake with mountainous view. We took a boat ride to Lake Luzern during summer June. It was a nice ride with great mountainous view. Temperature at this time of the year is good. I would suggest you to come in casual wear to enjoy to the fullest. I always feel that anything to do with Luzern is the best attraction. You won’t regret!


Jesuitenkirche , worth a visit. Impressive baroque building with unusual marble interior is the most visited church in Lucerne. Why not drop by when you’re already here as it’s open all public. Apart from Luzerne, I went to other places like Lausanne, Montreux, and Geneva. If you have any doubt of what to do in Switzerland, just drop me a mail and I will reply you whenever I see your mail. It’s always good to share my travel experience to some who’re planning for their first trip here graduation or leisure. Let me know!



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