How to stay awake? World cup final…

How to stay awake? World cup final….

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How to stay awake? World cup final…

Well it’s Argentina vs Germany today, I am sure it’ll be another great show with superstars on the field trying to win honors for their countries and themselves. Regardless who will win it’s not so important as everyone have their own preference: Steak or Beer! But the question is how to stay awake watching the most anticipated show in the earth? It’s live here at 3am, stay awake for another 2 hours depending how it goes. Or else wait for another 5 years, so wait or find ways. Here is what I think, let me know what you think?

1. Stay online blogging or enhance your site

2. If you’re doing online study, start reading the next few topics

3. Or start early online discussion or assignment

4. Stay late for supper and watch the game in the sport bar

5. Invite some buddy to get together for the show

6. If coffee works for you, try triple espresso

7. Do some house work

8. Chat with your friends; FB, WeChat, Whatapps, etc

9. Go for a night work out or jog

10. Take a quick nap now and wake up later

You may find all the matches, team, score and schedule here. Check out the Top 5 free sites for live online streaming. TVBBC and ITVZDF and ARD’s Das Erste, NOS, and SRF player. Before you enjoy, stay awake!



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My Swiss Trip

My Switzerland trip is still fresh in my mind, I can’t think of anything bad about this trip. Although everything are pricey here, it’s still worth every penny spend in this lovely country. I stayed in a small town Bulle, a very cooling place covered by mountains. This also the house of my institution second campus, took a nice picture with my lead faculty. The hotel that I stayed is right opposite the train station, it connects me easily to most of the town. Everything here from the street to infrastructure were so organize and clean, I guess that is the main reason why Switzerland is well known worldwide for its quality and precision.


The online platform that I went through for my online journey was immaculate. Never at one time the technical platform disappoint me, well this is what I called Swiss Made. On Day 3, I took a train to Luzerne one of the nicest town in Switzerland, also a must visit destination while you’re here. I bought a Regional Eurail pass which is good for Swiss and France railway. It really come in handy here as it give you all the value in return for your money especially in Switzerland. Forget about France first, I have so much to talk about it in my next post.

With Eurail pass, you get free ride for all the Swiss national railway and bus. Some boat ride are free too, otherwise you’re entitled for some discount in most of the private rides such as cable car, boat, mountain ride and etc. Alternately, you may consider buying a Swiss pass if Switzerland is your only destination. For the pass benefit and schedule, simply download the Eurail pass apps, extremely useful as it works offline. As I come here free and easy, I can only rely on myself for all the logistic arrangement and I’m glad that it all works well for me.

Here are some of the best snap shots of Luzerne, hope you like it.

Nice old town with good varieties for shopping. Your Switzerland will never complete without coming to this area. Not only that it offer rich history, it also offer local craft, outdoor shopping and good choices of restaurant.

Luzerne Luzerne 2

Well preserved bridge with good history. The first thing when you arrived Luzern is to go to the Chapel bridge. It’s a common reaction as it’s one of the most pictures attractions in Luzern, Switzerland. I have to agree with some reviewers here that it’s just another bridge when you stepped inside the bridge. However, people who enjoy photography and history will enjoy it to the fullest. Personally, I think it’s a must visit destination in Switzerland.

Chapel bridge Chapel bridge 2

Nice lake with mountainous view. We took a boat ride to Lake Luzern during summer June. It was a nice ride with great mountainous view. Temperature at this time of the year is good. I would suggest you to come in casual wear to enjoy to the fullest. I always feel that anything to do with Luzern is the best attraction. You won’t regret!


Jesuitenkirche , worth a visit. Impressive baroque building with unusual marble interior is the most visited church in Lucerne. Why not drop by when you’re already here as it’s open all public. Apart from Luzerne, I went to other places like Lausanne, Montreux, and Geneva. If you have any doubt of what to do in Switzerland, just drop me a mail and I will reply you whenever I see your mail. It’s always good to share my travel experience to some who’re planning for their first trip here graduation or leisure. Let me know!



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Choosing the right online school

You just made an important decision to set your footprint into online education after leaving your school for more than dinosaur years. You know what major to focus on that blend with your career path. But choosing the right school requires a whole lot of research just like choosing a life partner; something that suits you. It is essential to find out the total cost, the duration of the program and total credits to cross the finishing line.

Here are some of tips that you may consider:

1. Look for an Accredited Online School: Why? Well, when you invest your time and money for something like this, you better make sure that the school is accredited. While I know money is an important consideration, don’t risk yourself paying bargain fee for schools that are not recognized. Look at all accredited schools on the NEA website (National Education Association).

2. Knowing the course: Look before you leap, read and understand before you invest. You may find the course description in the website. Browse till you drop. Otherwise, just contact the school for further information.

3. Talk to an Enrollment advisor: This will give you an idea of the program of your ideal school’s online courses. Don’t hold back; feel free to throw in questions to them. It’s your money anyway! Try to find out the online classroom platform, the way to interact whether it’s asynchronous (no time requirements) or synchronous (real time).

4. Enrollment requirements: Forget about formal education background if you don’t have one. If you have rich of experience in an executive level, all you need to do is to submit an online application. For non native English speaker, you might need to prove that you have attended English class in your school. Assuming that it went smooth, you need to write in a study plan and post study plan.

5. Support team: Check whether there is any student support team and technical support team to give you all the support for your online journey. 6. After study: Check out the alumni network in the school as it’s vital for your future network. Your school must maintain a strong network with all future employers; this will ensure that you’re never short of opportunity whenever it arises. See here for top hotel school ranking and hiring.

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5 reasons why online study?

Why online study?

1. Location: If you already have a job, or you are not able to attend the traditional class to obtain a post graduate degree, then online study gives you the best solution to follow courses from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

2. Flexibility: Online postgraduate degree programs give you all the freedom to juggling between work and family. The online courses are specially designed for self-learner and are often customized to needs of individual students.

3. Selection: With the evolution need for online study, there are many online and distance study programs, offering you vast selection of school and programs to choose from. Depending on your path, it’s crucial to select those schools that are accredited.

4. Accessibility: For online postgraduate degree programs, good working experience and ability to write English is the preliminary step. So don’t worry if you don’t have any formal education background.

5. Support: You are not alone in the self-study environment. Online programs especially from a reputable school offer you the best support from tutors and valuable feedback to keep you on the right track. Now that you know online study is a great alternative to on-campus study. So why not check the top school offering post graduate degree programs and study while eating pop corn! For online postgraduate program in hospitality school, you may check it out Here

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How it started?

It has always been my dream to pursue my Master study, but it never happen.  Thanks me for all the procrastination. I was once offered to study alongside with my Ex-GM who was in the verge of retirement at that time. We were very close just like father and son working in the same building; that really describe our working relationship. I should have graduated much earlier if I gambled on it without any further thought. My greatest fear is balancing between work and study in such a high level. No doubt, my GM could have easily sail through, but I was still young and raw. Too risky, I dropped the idea of doing Master completely.

After 2 years with the company, I moved to a reputable hotel chain in the city center. Just a year with the new hotel, I was offered to pursue a course in Business Management affiliated to RMIT, another reputable school in Melbourne, Australia. I really struggled the first month of my course, juggling between work and study. Thanks goodness I was still single at that time. All we need to do is to attend class during certain day of the weeks and hand in our assignment timely. Due to the high expectation at work, I normally come back to the office after the class. At the end of the course, we need to consolidate all our initiatives as thick as a bible. Guess what? I made it. Well that is my first experience working and studying at a high level.

Prior to that, I’ve had an early exposure doing my full time hospitality management course when I was working full time in my first hotel, ways before my Master dream.  Many people did part time in either work or study, but I felt that it’s a waste of time. Furthermore, I was already earning a decent paycheck at that time, so quitting is not an option as I would have started all over again. I approached my Manager to making sure that I get all the support I need to be successful. It’s all about creative scheduling and being very flexible as operation comes first.

I went straight to the University principal near to my work place, he’s British origin, a very friendly and extremely helpful gentlemen. We called him Uncle Jim! We had a good chat, and both agreed on a mutual agreement; he helps to match my work and study schedule, but I need to meet the minimum criterion to move forward. I remember missing few classes due to work expectation and the instructor warned me about it. Then it’s the same old routine for me with sun, rain and thunderstorm. Finally, after few years of hard work with almost no off day and entertainment; I made it as one of the top student and also the one and only working and studying full time. The only thing I missed is my convocation which I did not attend, again due to some big event happening in the hotel. That is really how it started! Early exposure with can if mindset!

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3 2 1 showtime

We arrived 2M2c, the venue for the graduation ceremony at 11:00 and met some of my classmates leaving my dad with their family. We then went straight to collect our hat and gown to get ourselves dress up. It was very kind of the institution to waive off our hat and grown fee, otherwise, it would have cost us about 300 Euro per person. What else! we proceed to dress up ourselves just like any other students who are also graduating at the same time. Everyone were trying very hard to dress up professionally for their shot of the lifetime. After all the make up, the charming prince and princess are finally ready. We were busy helping each other to adjust our gown, couldn’t be more complicated to get it fixed.

Gradution hall 3 10421145_10203414753423010_3528513668526196516_n

We then went inside the hall for our group picture and rehearsal. After a while, It’s show time! The final moment we have been waiting for ages and the new chapter for all of us. We march in like a warrior as though we won a battle with all the audiences standing giving their respect. Not to forget, the very traditional Swiss Horns playing on stage while we line up. While that is how i feel, not sure about others :-) As soon we were seated, the faculty member and invited professor gave their opening speech. It then progresses to the graduation ceremony where our names were called one by one and ended with a very inspirational video from our classmate. Bravo!

10421245_10203414757663116_8947439324540750094_n Gradution hall

Enjoy the video! You may simply fast forward as it’s 2:32 long….(Our team presentation started from 1:05 onwards)

After the whole ceremony, we have another champagne reception outside the hall with graduates, faculty and guests. It was also the last moment before we call our day and bid farewell to all the people we have been dealing virtually for 3 years. A big congratulations to everyone and welcome to the rare club; someone with postgraduate degree in one of the most finest hospitality institution in the world. The day to be remembered for many years is Friday, June 6, 2014.  Till we meet again onlinepostgraduate! Be well and stay in touch! Graduation hallMBA graduation  

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Hello Montreux

I finally get to meet my classmate and faculty of 3 years today, but the best part is I did not know who are coming and I have not meet anyone in person. As we were told to gather at Montreux Palace at 11:30, I decided not to gamble and took an early train with my dad from Bulle right after our breakfast.

2014-06-05 07.47.21 2014-06-05 09.31.46 

We arrived ways ahead of time at about 10:30 and found ourselves walking along the lakeside taking some nice pictures of the beautiful mountain and lake. After walking for a while, we arrived at a nearby shopping mall and decided to sit for a while to pass time. Can’t really figure out how the tenant pay their rent for their shop as they open late and closed early.

Nice scenery Getting ready to move

It’s 5 minutes to 11:30,  we walked back to Montreux Palace and I saw my lead faculty members who guided me in my final ABP. So excited, can’t express my feeling! They led us to the shuttle, and I saw few classmates near the bus stop. It was a very touching moment to see each other face to face after all the virtual dealing. Not only that, I met a lot of faculty members who mentored me through out the program.

Montreux Palace entrace Bus ride

We had a good chat along our journey to the institution located on the mountain area. You can tell that the Swiss are expert with the mountain ride as the road is quite steep and narrow.  In just a short 30 minutes ride, we arrived our destination safely for lunch. We were warmly greeted by other faculty members and students at the main entrance of the institution. The students led us to the tables for our 3 courses lunch that is fully hosted by the institution. True Swiss hospitality!

Welcome letter Set lunch

After lunch, It’s photo time…..we were dressed up to have our one in a lifetime photo in our cozy classroom overlooking the scenic view of Montreux. We then move to the next room to have an on board discussion about the program with the institution members; slightly weird as we’re so used to do it online but it’s good that they value our feedbacks. Everyone was so long-winded that we missed the video interview. Never mind, we went straight to join the induction program organized by the institution.

Photo time Classroon

This time, we walk our way down to the club for the networking cocktail session before we call our day. More nice pictures will follow below, hope you enjoy it! Thanks to all the institution members for all the arrangement. Tomorrow is the day that we have been waiting for ages; the day that make us a onlinepostgraduate!

Walking down My Institution KL with classmates and faculty Full photo    

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