Most students study for an MBA to refresh their careers, with the goal of increased responsibility, salary packages and reputation. Leadership courses are offered on the MBA to prepare students for increased responsibility and vision that comes with a higher profile in international organizations.

Accepting that leadership roles arise in many levels of an organization, the leadership track is concerned both with the personal development of leadership skills and the application of leadership ability in mercurial business environments where creativity and innovation are key to success.

Building on knowledge that the international experience of a reputable institution gives graduates a career advantage, special attention is given to cross cultural management in the global workplace. The whole MBA is geared to developing leadership skill. Courses which are common to both the marketing and leadership track which are designed to enhance your abilities to meet the challenges of leadership in organizations.

Students are encouraged to take wide and eclectic view of all visiting speakers invited onto the MBA course. Every speaker will add to your knowledge of business organization, operation and strategy. You will be encouraged to take an analytical, measured approach to subject introduced in this way, and to learn  to balance passion for business with solid understanding if evidence and good organizational sense.

Online discussion

Online study

Things that you need to know when participating in an online communication are to be professional, respectful, and thoughtful. Online learning should be a professional experience as well as an academic experience. As a result, students are expected to adhere to professional standards in all communications.

Unlike traditional classes, you don’t get to see each other in online classes. There is a need to exercise humor in moderation. Humor in the online environment is easily misinterpreted. Because people do not see the benefit of seeing facial expressions and body language, or hearing tone of voice, your humor may be viewed as criticism. Subtler forms of humor, such as sarcasm and irony, are particularly difficult to convey online successfully.

Think “Global community”, the online class is an international community. You may be communicating with people from different countries, cultures, and who speak different languages. What may be acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in another. Do keep cultural judgments out of the language that you use in your communication.


Marketing landscape


Marketing landscape has changed a lot over the last 50 years. The complexity of consumer behavior is getting unpredictable and in some way contributed by the emerging economy. Comparing to past media habits are different now, and they have more channels to communicate a message. Mass media audiences are diminishing, and they are distracted as ever with the vast options available. To sustain and emerge in the market niche, there is a need to adapt to the latest industry trend. From geotargeting to mobile apps and social media, here’s what the industry player need to consider now. Social media presence unleashes the power of influence for travelers prior to any decision-making.

In this era, travelers are using digital media platform to research, purchase, engage and share their travel experience. For businesses, it represents a brand new marketing opportunity to connect companies with customers directly. Nevertheless, some hospitality industry is and not responding to current social media trends. “ROI social media” (Return on investment) is a hot topic with over 2.5 million hits in a Google search. Though with meticulous reports prepared by industry expert stakeholder is still not convincing with ROI social media. To those that are buying the concept, there is a need to examine the function and capitalize from it. Four Seasons is a classic example that explores the endless effort to make their website interactive with updated technology and social media integration. As evidence, effective social media open tremendous opportunities to promote brand reputation, customer trust, and loyalty.

Effective social media ROI should be measured by consumer behavior instead of the marketers or traditional ROI concept. Having an engaging website with the latest gadgets and social media integration will enhance the communication process with customers. Understanding how best to gather information and segment users, how to measure the levels of interaction, customization, and social interaction for targeted audiences is crucial for long term-success. Prior to this, we have to make sure the top management believes in social media and the first goal is not to sell. Social media are all about an enduring relationship with customers for a rewarding result.

Dress Code in hospitality business


Grooming and dress code are important in a hospitality business environment because the employee and collective success depends on a constantly well-groomed appearance. Employee must realize that being in a guest contact role, is being “the face” of the company and therefore must maintain a conservative, tasteful and business-like appearance that is consistent with the ambiance of the company.

In all aspects of their grooming standards, the employee’s appearance should be in keeping with guest expectations and sleek, elegant, luxury hospitality environment. Employee must understand that their appearance and grooming must not draw attention to themselves or to any causes that they may support.

The other imperative soft standard that attributes to the grooming and dress code are the hospitality etiquette. This is something to do with our appearance such as the way we stand, posture, walk, smile, talk and greet. Essentially the hard and soft standards have to come together for a perfect blend in the hospitality and services industry business environment.

Success strategies for Online learner


Successful online students plan their activities and their time so that they can accomplish their professional and academic goals and still have time for family and leisure.

Think about how you currently plan your days. Are you able to accomplish your tasks, or do you have a long list of items on your “To Do” list at the end of each day? What are your strengths in planning and managing your time? What are the greatest challenges that you face?

Similarly, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your understanding and use of technology and with respect to studying.

Review the strategies and tips in my previous article about Tips for Online Students that have to do with time management, planning, studying, and technology. Look for strategies that you think would contribute to your success as an online learner in each of these areas.

Then look at how you can overcome the challenges presented by working virtually with others from different cultures and time zones? Think about dealing with people from all over the world where you have no idea. Consider the level of sensitivity and tolerance when dealing with them. Remember you don’t get to see them, just through writing or teleconference in the later stage.

You may check and see how you fare with your time management skill HERE. It will give you help identify the aspects of time management that you need most help with. The results will point you to the specific tools that will help you to work more efficiently.

As mentioned earlier, you need to define your vision of success and map out your journey to making it a dream come true, so that you can explore out with real purpose, direction and the confidence that you have what it takes. “Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.” – Paul Arden.