Why Work First Before Pursuing an MBA?

Work first

Students get together with their future mentors, working colleagues, who are their current faculty’s classmates, and alumni. These notions serve as the nerve center of the program, leading the path to becoming the future business leaders. There are many business schools offering MBA, mainly targeting graduates with no work experience.

EMBA students usually come with a handful work experience, often 5 years or more, compared to other MBA students. Students get in with a suitable work experience from mid-management to senior management and take classes during weekdays or weekends like other students. Students without significant work experience are provided with the right guidance and knowledge to make them competitive in their own arena.

Furthermore, they will undertake class projects, share insights from their own work experience, and build networks that will be lasting for future intention. Entry to this program requires GMAT, work experience and an undergraduate degree as well as interview with a panel. There is an option to personalize your degree through self-designed coursework to fit in your real-time experience into program electives. Depending on your role, you select the coursework that work best for you. Think of what you going to do with it.

This program includes assignments related to your current course to keep you on the loop. Ethics training is often delivered with coursework in corporate social responsibility and corporate governance to give you an idea of what we need to know and do to survive in today’s fierce market. The degree concludes with assignments in business strategy where you need to prepare an applied business project that will last between 6 months to 12 months. When climbing the career ladder, it is imperative to have a wide professional and alumni network to increase your opportunity for future job leads.

MBA vs Experience. Which is more important?


As someone with an MBA, I can only speak from my experience. It all started with a clear mind to go for it when I see some complacency with my current role. I have to admit that it’s a decision of a lifetime as it’s not a cheap program. It comes with great commitment that you would never expect till you experience it.

Well it’s a long term investment anyway so don’t expect to bear fruits in days. Most important of all, you need to know what you want to do with it. If it’s for Ego or just for title, forget it, don’t waste your money. It needs to serve a purpose, whether it’s for personal growth, open up your gateway or entrepreneurship.

So which is more important MBA or Experience? Old class people will probably tell you that experience comes first, all they need to do is to bring along their thick CV for a job. In contrary, new age people who have multiple degrees including masters or MBAs without any significant work experience will find themselves in trouble landing a first job. Employers see them as overqualified for entry-level positions but under experienced for higher post.

In the real world today, it’s imperative to find a balance between work experience and education background, in my case, I used my MBA to support my already experience background. It turns out to be fruitful as I am now more competitive in the arena. Nevertheless, an MBA itself will not guarantee accelerated success, it need to serve you a purpose. Still, if two persons who have similar work experience, and one has an MBA, while the other has lower qualification or no qualification, the person with the highest qualification would hold a competitive advantage.

How do you spend your weekend?

How do you spend your weekend? Mine is pretty routine; spending time with family, shopping, back to office to do some preparation for Mon, hunting for good food, see exhibition or movie with pop corns, and last but not least Stay online. But, remember to stay safe online, something simple but can be extremely complicated if you screw up. The good thing is that it’s never too late, so start now and make it a habit to stay safe online. Have a productive and awesome weekend…… http://ow.ly/Ba5Mf

Should you get an MBA? It really depends

Should you get an MBA? It really depends on what you want to do with it. Some people take it because of the ego of having an MBA embedded on their forehead. Well, I hope this is not where you’re heading, it’s not a cheap program either and you will need to put in a good hours to be success. You need to have a clear mind before you make this decision of your lifetime. It can be disappointing or rewarding. http://ow.ly/B8UMZ

Collaborative project


My first collaborative project was formed on the 2nd week of my course back in Aug 2012. I was assigned together with 3 other students from different countries; Russia, Tanzania and Philippines. The good thing is we knew each other from a previous class that we had taken together. Getting started is always the toughest as everyone was hoping on each other. Nevertheless, we manage to start somewhere by initiating the first collaborative session through blackboard, our online platform and Skype. Skype was the preferred mode of communication as it seems to be more user friendly than the blackboard. We even upgraded the Skype account to enable us to communicate in a group format. Frankly speaking, it is never easy to pull everyone together with the time zone difference.

Furthermore, juggling between work and study is probably another challenge for all of us. Unlike normal student, we need to employ extra effort to come out with an agreeable timing for the discussion. The proposed timing that is suitable for one member might not be suitable for the other. Eventually, the group decided to stick with the Asian timing since we are way ahead than others. As we move along, we somewhat started with a rough vision on the Business Plan. We came out with an idea to establish a 3 Star hotel in China. All group members agreed on the idea. We narrow down this further by targeting the Second tier city in China. It was through PEST scanning that we agreed to have Fuzhou as the final destination. As the leader of the group, I proceed to set timeline for the weekly analysis based on the set question. The contributions from all group members and professors did add value to research.

In week 6, all group members were given a part to focus, and the goal is to have individual part submitted on December. This will allow one of the students who represent the group member’s voice for consolidation and modification. She did an excellent job by integrating the work in one piece. Though there was a challenging moment, it all went smoothly with everyone understanding and supporting each other. Finally, we reach to the end of our group project by a single click. The sleepless night we spend over the weeks is finally over, and Christmas is waiting. Conclusively, the experience that I gained from this group project is invaluable and may be useful for future intention. I enjoy the group interaction largely and will miss this virtual dealing for a long time.


All online education courses are developed by practicing appraisers together with other industry experts, therefore are examined by groups of topic industry expects to make sure that their content articles are precise, updated and highly applicable to today’s appraisers. It’s a multi-billion dollar market which has not achieved full potential.

It will allow us discover more about the things that work a great deal more swiftly than ever before. It will significantly lessen the amount of time from learning the things that work and transforming how we contemplate learning. The best thing of all; online education make higher education cost-effective, hassle free and available for students regardless their location.

Online education is for scholar and also working people, it’s an answer to institutions that are not able to accommodate much more scholar within their classes sizes. It’s usually an all match to those who already possess self-discipline. Moreover, It’s forcing elite schools to re-examine their priorities and is widely known as being as valuable as the classroom experience.

It’s also about increasing opportunities for employment and career advancement. Unlike campus-based learning, It can also break the artificial lecture length of 50-90 minutes. This mode of study is popular due to the number of benefits. Most important of all is the “Discipline that you need to endure for years. It could be your answer or the last thing in your list. Good luck.