Collaborative project


My first collaborative project was formed on the 2nd week of my course back in Aug 2012. I was assigned together with 3 other students from different countries; Russia, Tanzania and Philippines. The good thing is we knew each other from a previous class that we had taken together. Getting started is always the toughest as everyone was hoping on each other. Nevertheless, we manage to start somewhere by initiating the first collaborative session through blackboard, our online platform and Skype. Skype was the preferred mode of communication as it seems to be more user friendly than the blackboard. We even upgraded the Skype account to enable us to communicate in a group format. Frankly speaking, it is never easy to pull everyone together with the time zone difference.

Furthermore, juggling between work and study is probably another challenge for all of us. Unlike normal student, we need to employ extra effort to come out with an agreeable timing for the discussion. The proposed timing that is suitable for one member might not be suitable for the other. Eventually, the group decided to stick with the Asian timing since we are way ahead than others. As we move along, we somewhat started with a rough vision on the Business Plan. We came out with an idea to establish a 3 Star hotel in China. All group members agreed on the idea. We narrow down this further by targeting the Second tier city in China. It was through PEST scanning that we agreed to have Fuzhou as the final destination. As the leader of the group, I proceed to set timeline for the weekly analysis based on the set question. The contributions from all group members and professors did add value to research.

In week 6, all group members were given a part to focus, and the goal is to have individual part submitted on December. This will allow one of the students who represents the group member’s voice for consolidation and modification. She did an excellent job by integrating the work in one piece. Though there was a challenging moment, it all went smoothly with everyone understanding and supporting each other. Finally, we reach to the end of our group project by a single click. The sleepless night we spend over the weeks is finally over, and Christmas is waiting. Conclusively, the experience that I gained from this group project is invaluable and may be useful for future intention. I enjoy the group interaction largely and will miss this virtual dealing for a long time.



All online education courses are developed by practicing appraisers together with other industry experts, therefore are examined by groups of topic industry expects to make sure that their content articles are precise, updated and highly applicable to today’s appraisers. It’s a multi-billion dollar market which has not achieved full potential.

It will allow us discover more about the things that work a great deal more swiftly than ever before. It will significantly lessen the amount of time from learning the things that work and transforming how we contemplate learning. The best thing of all; online education make higher education cost-effective, hassle free and available for students regardless their location.

Online education is for scholar and also working people, it’s an answer to institutions that are not able to accommodate much more scholar within their classes sizes. It’s usually an all match to those who already possess self-discipline. Moreover, It’s forcing elite schools to re-examine their priorities and is widely known as being as valuable as the classroom experience.

It’s also about increasing opportunities for employment and career advancement. Unlike campus-based learning, It can also break the artificial lecture length of 50-90 minutes. This mode of study is popular due to the number of benefits. Most important of all is the “Discipline that you need to endure for years. It could be your answer or the last thing in your list. Good luck.




Point to prove

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Writing an Executive Summary


I learnt a great deal from my virtual school in writing a good executive summary. This is something applicable to academic scholar and working professionals. When I refer to working professional, this can range from middle management to top management. A lot of peoples know how to talk and write, but having a skill of telling long story short is entirely a different league.

For students, your executive summary should be short and sweet. Remember, your Professor wouldn’t have the beauty of time to go through your lengthy essay line by line. By reading at your summary, he or she should be able to get the grasp of your essay. It’s also excluded in your word count, and normally written last for the best effect. Do not include something that is not inside your main contents.

For working professional, it’s even more critical than academia, you must deliver it to the excellent effect. Imagine selling an idea to your Boss, and in order for him to buy it, you need give all you have. Although you may combine some of the academic terms, you cannot use it excessively so beware of it. Focus on the essential objective with superb justification, remember tell long story short. Lastly, don’t leave it there; schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss about your idea.

UFC fight night

2014-08-23 21.02.18

I have the privilege to watch this exiting show today, I can’t believe I am sitting right in front of the stage. The good thing is I can watch this live show and stay online at the same time.

Been watching this show in You Tube for quite sometimes, but you can never compare watching this live. Moreover, I don’t have to leave my books and class behind. Everything runs simultaneously with minimum disruption. 

There is total 10 fights with 6 preliminary card and 4 main card. The main fight is the 5 round middle weight bout between Michael Disping vs Cung Le, it was very entertaining with fighters coming out from their own theme to getting hit like a sands bag. Bloody scary for first-timer, the match can be decided between seconds or minutes.

Overall, I enjoyed the ambience a lot after a long week, the music, the spectators, and the fighters were simply amazing. Imagine getting hit with blood all the face, and they end up hugging and thanking each other. What a sportsmanship! 

The show lasted for about 5 hours including some time off; thankfully, I can stay committed with my online work most of the time. It’s not a bad idea of doing it this way, nothing to lose, just try and find the right environment that blend with you.

Do you have a vision?


You want to be successful, but don’t know where and how to start? Don’t worry this is something very common, firstly you need to build your roadmap on the strongest platform possible. I am not referring to people, money or power, it’s something before anything else, it’s all about you. Nothing is more important than knowing yourself, setting clear roadmap to bring you to the destination.

This is your goal and destiny that you’re accountable for, so more than anything you need a vision that will shine, driving you forward to make your dream come true. It has to be your ultimate goal; something that is always in your mind and to do list. It will push you onwards when situation gets tough, help to overcome the biggest challenges and triumph in the face of adversity. Forget about all the entertainments that you used to enjoyed, can always find a balance there. “There are no gains without pains” – Benjamin Franklin

If your goal is to earn a MBA without leaving your high paying job, you’re in the right site. I did it the same way by having a focus mindset and proper planning. Think positively and start to plan of how to get there. As mentioned earlier, you need to define your vision of success and map out your journey to making it a dream come true, so that you can explore out with real purpose, direction and the confidence that you have what it takes. “Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.” – Paul Arden.


Eating and browsing

2014-08-04 17.21.54

My recent trip back in my homeland allowed me to sampling fine local cuisines, something I missed the most while I am staying and browsing in a different country. Here is some of the local cuisines that you can never resist:

Pix 1: Delicious Rojak Buah or Mixed Fruit with special home-made peanut sauce

Rojak Buah

Pix 2: Penang Asam Laksa (Rank 7th best food in the world by CNN)

Penang Laksa


Pix 3: Nasi Kuning with Curry Chicken or Yellow Glutinous rice with chicken curry

Pulut Kuning in Curry Chicken

Most importantly, I didn’t need to leave my work and class as I just need an internet connection to stay online.

Eating and staying updated with the latest news give us the leverage than any traditional class than ever.

Just make sure that the dining outlet is wifi friendly or else get yourself a local prepaid card that is good enough to last during your duration of stay.

It’s extremely handy as all you need is just a tablet or mobile device. I carried my iPad almost everywhere, just like my little library for reading and staying online.

On board graduates will envy me because they wouldn’t be able to stay as current as me and don’t forget all the books… iPad represents the pile of books the normal graduates carry.

What else, I can even go for a long vacation trip in a blink of eyes, iPad is all I need vs all the heavy books.





5 Tips for Online Students

Online program give you the freedom to take your class from the comfort of your own. But, before anything else, you need to set your mindset clear and focus; Stay ahead of timeline and make it constant!

It needs to come together with strong discipline, commitment, and organization, just like any successful student should have, no matter what path they’re taking to complete their degree.

Being a wonderful student, whether you’re online or on board, are very much the same things. However, online students receive no in-person reminder whenever papers are due or tests are schedule unlike peers in the classroom who get to see their instructor face to face.

The big myth is it’s easier to go online, as you do everything at your own pace. Though the flexibility is there, it’s not as easy as you could think of mainly because you are on your own world with your devices.

Flexibility is definitely the biggest selling point in online education, but a lack of face time with instructor can possibly make it easy for them to fall behind.

Think yourself having full-time jobs, kids, activities and other unexpected things, how do you find a balance here? I have list down some simple tips from my personal experience that can help you stay on top of the game plan:

Planning:  Look at the big picture, prepare a study calendar and integrate it with your meeting calendar and family activities. Keep a list of contact with your classmates and faculty; Skype, Whats app, BB messenger works perfectly. Make sure you check your syllabus before your course begins; try to go through it if possible. Find your own study times, predominantly with minimal disruption. Then, make sure you stay with the timeline and stick to the plan.

Sign-in often: You only need internet to connect your course, IOS or Android device work perfectly well. With tablets and mobile devices we have, somebody can go for Shopping or Football and still be going online. Flexibility is the term here.

Stay ahead: Look at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead, not just the next day, it can help you maximize your time. Once you know when a discussion or assignment is due, don’t wait till the last minute before to start working on it. Do it in advance, save it as a draft if you do not intend to send out immediately.

Speak up: Don’t pretend nothing happen if you’re in trouble. Just ask for help from your classmates or even faculty.

Constant: Maintain the consistency for maximum effect. This reminded me the story of the rabbit and turtle. Keep up your speed and never stop.

Online world

2014-08-04 17.11.56

We are living in an online era with all kind of social media over our head.  Why do we still need to deal with all the mess in the earth? If Facebook can cheer up our day, why don’t we apply the same rules in this part of the world? Stop all the power crazy mindset and live our life to the fullest; think of those people who lost their family members because of our greediness. Every life is extremely precious, not that it’s something that can be replaced with money.

Things had move to a rapid speed from antique phone to social media now. What the heck that we’re still using the same old weapon to win a battle. Regardless how advance is the weapon, it still serves the same purpose; taking away innocent life and destroying things that are not suppose to happen. Go online guys, we have online study, online shop, online booking, online match, online bet and many more. Anything that can help us solve a business problem without having us to act physically is a good business solution.

So let’s be creative and put those crab aside; focus on our objectives by putting our people first. Winning a battle or war does not mean that we solve the whole problem; it’s just a small portion of cake. For long term solution, we need to manage our business differently and be very creative in our offering. Otherwise the chance of being obsolete is high, Stay online and think online!